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viernes, 25 de marzo de 2011

Ronald Stewart's Philanthropic Fund - Please read

81 Newgate Street,
London, EC1A 7AJ
United Kingdom
Tel: +44-700-580-0455
Fax: +44-700-580-0855

                    The Late Mr. Ronald Stewart Philanthropic Fund

I am Barrister Tim Osborn a native of England, the Principal Partner Osborn &
Co. Solicitors London - UK, admitted to the Bar of England and Wales in 1977.
I was the personal attorney to Late philanthropist Mr. Ronald Stewart.

Philanthropist Ronald Stewart made an $8 Million (Eight Million US Dollar) "Will"
before his death which was meant for donation to Charity Organizations in South
America for HIV/AIDS alleviation and Africa for the support of the eradication of
deadly killer diseases "Malaria".

We conducted an electronic email random draw in our chamber today and your
email address was picked as the beneficiary of this USD $8 million philanthropic fund.

It is our great desire to claim this fund so that it can be used for the purpose which it
was meant for.
The bank where the money is currently deposited has instructed that we produce the
beneficiary of this fund within 14 business days; else the money will be confiscated
to the Government's treasury as unclaimed funds since its been deposited for more
than four years now.

Do get back to me immediately to enable us begin the process of transferring the
fund into any of your designated bank account. I shall give you further information
on the process as soon as I receive your prompt response.

With your full co-operation, this transaction shall be concluded within 7 business days,
and after the fund might have been transferred into your account, you shall keep 30%
of the money ($2.4M) to yourself as the beneficiary, donate 20% to any Charity
Organization of your choice, while the balance of 50% comes to me and my associates
as we are your attorney in this transaction.

Note; this transaction is highly confidential and should remain as such until the funds is
transferred into your bank account, so do not discuss this transaction with anyone.

I await your quick reply, also do not forget to include your full name, address and
phone number in your response.

Send a copy of your response here [ ]

Best regards,
Barr. Tim Osborn, Esq.

                               2011, Copyright© Osborn & Co. Solicitors. All rights reserved.

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